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Wild Garlic Pesto – Eat Seasonal

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Wild Garlic Pesto If you’re close to a woodland or riverbank, chances are you’re not too far away from taking home a precious bundle of nature’s treasure! Some of you may even be lucky enough to  have a little clump or two in your garden! It makes an incredible soup (that’s for another post) but our favourite is Wild Garlic …

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Chipotle en Adobo Sauce – Hot, Spicy, Versatile, Delicious!

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Chiptole en Adobo… I swear we are addicted to spicy food in this house. Curry, Thai food, pasta with chilli sauce, all a manner of Asian awesomeness. But our current addiction is Mexican Food. Culinary memory lane Trawling through some old photograph albums with the kids we found a treasure trove of photos from a pre-children trip to Mexico. The …

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If You Have A Potato, You Have A Meal! Fab Food From Humble Ingredients

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If you have a potato – you have a meal My Grandma, the quiet but strong, kind, patient and lovely Marjorie is sadly no longer with us. Her lessons in life however, are still going strong. I will always remember how she hovered behind us at Christmas and birthdays, carefully saving every reusable bit of wrapping paper, twirling spare string …