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How To Make A Beautiful Door Wreath in Minutes for under £2

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Make your very own door wreath in ten simple steps

If you want to create a beautiful wreath for your door this winter (or at any time of year for that matter), follow these simple steps and you can have a simple and beautiful wreath ready to give you instant curb appeal in under half an hour and for less money than a regular skinny latte!

It is even simple enough for children to make!

You will need;

wire coat hangers

Wreath instructions -2 hangers










  • Approximately 8-10 lengths of ivy or green foilage stems as a minimum (eucalyptus works beautifully too). The more greenery you add, the more sumptuous the wreath.wreath pictured) or stems of berries, grasses or wired beads – it’s entirely up to you.
  • Florist tape (not essential but gives a clean finish)
  • A pre-made bow or length of ribbon or raffia

 How to make the wreath in ten simple steps

Gently but firmly manhandle the hangers so that the hanger frames are twisted together.

Wreath Instructions - Hangers Twisted

At this point you may wish to secure the two hangers at the bottom with a piece of florists tape or wire.

Now take your first length of greenery and poke it into the gap at the top of the two hangers.

Wreath Instructions - Insert Greenery

Now weave the length of greenery in and out of the frame, looping it under and over the hanger frame. When you get to the end of the length of greenery, poke the end into another intersection of the two hangers.

Continue to add lengths of greenery to the frame until the wreath looks appealing using the intersections of the hangers to provide anchor points for the beginning and end of your ivy/greenery lengths .

I then added short lengths of pussy willow to my simple wreath. You could also add holly, berries, feathers, wired ornaments or battery operated lights.

Some like their wreaths to look clean and uncluttered (very Scandi!) others like their wreaths to be lush and full. There is no optimum amount, only the amount that makes your heart happy!

Wreath Finished - Scandi

Use florists tape or other decorative tape to hide the hanger hooks. Just start the tape at the bottom of the hooks and wrap the tape tightly to conceal the hooks.

I love a big bow on my door wreaths. Either tie a bow using wired ribbon or take advantage of the many pre-made bows available. If adding battery operated fairy lights, simply wind them around the wreath, starting and finishing at the hooks. Loosely attach the battery pack to the wire frame with florists tape and hide with the bow!

Hang your wreath proudly on your door and step back to admire!





Wreath Instructions - Bow

Wreath instructions - StarWreath Instructions with LightsPin - Wreath Instructions

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