Wild Mamas pick of the best wrapping papers for Christmas 2017

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I have a confession to make – I’m a wrapping paper junkie

Yes I’m the person who has all the wrapping paper, a stash of ribbons to bows, gorgeous tags and present toppers…but nothing to wrap up (yet!). Many years ago I worked in a high end french patisserie where gift wrapping was such an art that all staff were sent on a week long course to learn the art of wrapping without using any tape and tying bows that (needs saying in a romantic french accent) “would fall open with a gentle pull of the ribbon…who wants to have someone open a gift and have to battle with a knot”.

What to look for when choosing wrapping paper?

The paper has to be high quality and fold into a nice crisp fold. There really is nothing worse than cheap rubbish paper that tears on the corners of gifts or rips open to reveal the treasures inside before someone has started to unwrap it themselves.

Paper that is not so thick that you have to really work to make clean folds. I love a nice robust paper but I don’t want to have to fight it to wrap something up. This becomes all the more important when you need to wrap an awkward shaped object. Also, when wrapping without tape, chunky paper starts to unfold – not a good look.

Unique! I love to find paper that is really something special, something different to all the mass produced papers out there. Something that isn’t going to be under every other Christmas tree in the land. In that vein – if I haven’t got the time or inclination to make my own (and I often do) then please think about purchasing from an independent supplier. As the owner of a small independent business myself, I do my best to support small businesses over the festive period. The quote ‘small businesses do a happy dance every time you buy from them’ is true. The struggle is real when you try to compete with the big boys at this time of year.

So, in celebration of the crafters and grafters and those doing a supremely awesome job, here are my top four independent suppliers of wrapping paper for 2017!

So go and check them out ladies and gentleman – click on their lovely links!

Pretty Gifted 

One of the best things about being a blogger is the people you meet and the contacts you make. Well I have it on good authority that the big man himself, the one and only Father Christmas, gets his paper from Pretty Gifted. I’m hoping he brings gifts for my children wrapped in personalised paper. I mean, how magical would it be to receive a gift wrapped by the elves with your very own name on it? Perfectly perfect if you ask me.

If you want to order your own personalised papers, they arrive in a super clever triangular box to avoid the beauty inside being crushed in the post and come complete with a luxury tag and a metallic pen. The quality of the paper is spot on, clean and crisp and the perfect weight! Not the cheapest on the market but for a special occasion their papers get a 10/10 from me.

Martha & Hepsie

Let me introduce you to a great Yorkshire company, Martha & Hepsie. My son received a parcel wrapped in their paper for his birthday and I have been an addict ever since. My favourite pick for this Christmas is their sprout paper and their adorable penguins. Again their papers are a lovely weight, not too heavy, not at all flimsy. They even do matching sprout parcel tape!


Alice Palace

I love the papers from Alice Palace for their quirky designs and super high paper quality. All the designs are hand drawn and the paper is eco-friendly too! My favourite is the stag wrapping paper and the lovely angel print. They will definitely take pride of place under the tree this year!


and finally

Charlotte Filshie

Go and check out Charlotte Filshie. Her papers are super cool and with a dinosaur-obsessed daughter they are a touch of genius. Charlotte also sells matching tags, washi tape and gifts so for a dino-tastic Christmas look no further.

Wrapping Paper


  • all views are entirely independent and my own! Two of the brands sent me samples to buy but I have also purchased out of my own pocket from these brands!
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