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How do you create a happy bedtime?

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Sleep begets sleep… I’m a firm believer that a calm bedtime leads to better sleep, better sleep leads to more sleep and a happier morning. I love bedtimes in our house. And I dread them too. That’s because I have kids of different ages. Small person, easy bedtime. Older children, not so much. The Curse of Iggle Piggle? When my …

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It takes a village (and a city) to raise a child

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There is an old African proverb that says ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. I remember saying this over and over to myself as I left our city life to move to the midst of rural Nottinghamshire. I repeated it in the hope that I could convince myself the whole move was even verging on a good idea. …

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‘Carrot Cake’ energy bites – the perfect solution when you need something sweet but healthy

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Carrot Cake Ball Recipe I have adapted this amazing Carrot Cake Ball recipe from one given to me by Medical Herbalist, Candice from Naturalibrium. They have saved me from many a guilty cake-fest and taste amazing. The kids love helping to make them (and eating them too!) Makes between 18 and 24 ‘bites’ You will need A large mixing bowl …

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Gluten free and dairy free almond butter and oat biscuits

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These gluten-free and dairy-free biscuits are delicious! They are chewy, nice and sticky and make life feel better (and if the kids don’t hurry up and come home from school I’m going to end up eating them all in one sitting – never my best plan!). They are also an absolute breeze to make. Makes around 20-25 biscuits   You …

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Putting the ‘Wild’ back into Wild Mama

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I’m on a bit of a journey. A journey to put the ‘Wild’ back into ‘Wild Mama’ Those of you who read my very first post ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is this person I don’t know at all’ will know that my life has been something of a health and well-being roller-coaster over the past few years. I …