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Finding Mummy – or; ‘Why a good ‘Girls Night Out’ does wonders for your self-esteem’.

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Feeling Fragile So today I’m nursing a large bottle of water and wishing the children would be a little quieter, a little less argumentative, a little more gentle on my jangling headache. We were supposed to be having another amazing ‘screen free’ day today with autumn walks, great books and adventures…That might have to wait an hour or so and …

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Gluten free millionaires cupcake recipe – it’s amazing!

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These gluten free millionaires cupcakes are truly amazing! Rich chocolate cupcakes, oozing caramel middles and a glossy icing with chocolate shards! I won’t lie, apart from the fact that they are made from good quality amazing ingredients, there is nothing ‘good for you’ about them. They are a treat, a really amazing treat (but your jeans won’t thank me for …

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Incredible Gluten Free Christmas Cake Recipe

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This gluten free Christmas cake recipe is an absolute winner! It is the result of combining a recipe handed down through generations with our own little twists and tweaks! Rich, moist, fruity, boozy and amazing. I made a final tester last week and it was gone in a matter or days! You will need: A loose bottomed 20 cm spring-form cake …

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Do no harm – take no sh*t. My life mantra.

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Do no harm, take no sh*t… This has become my life mantra. It whispers to me in those desperate moments when I consider leaving my kids in the supermarket, mid sibling meltdown over rocket ice-lollies versus a Minion lolly multipack, when my eldest daughter eye-rolls me for the umpteenth time before breakfast or, God forbid, when someone pretending to be called …