Is there such a thing as the perfect family holiday?

Before I start, I’m going to say it loud and clear. I’m not sure any family holiday is ever perfect. There will always be those horror-filled moments when you ask your child to hand you their ticket and they say “sorry mummy I think I dropped it”, or when you get to the hire car centre and find out you left your driving licence back in the UK. Those ‘please hole, open wide and swallow me moments’ when you sit next to a rather, how shall I put it? ‘rotund’ man on the plane and your smallest child says “but mummy you said that men couldn’t have babies”. Those sad, sad moments when you treat yourself to a rather nice bottle from a little-known vineyard and then hastily pack it into your hand luggage, only to have to watch as the customs officer smiles at you sideways, like a sly old fox and says “mais sorry Madame, you will ‘ave to leave zat wiz us”.

All those moments

Yes all those moments and many more have happened to this poor Wild Mama (I can’t even bear to fully recall the moment when a rather handsome young chap in front of me in the airport queue pointed sheepishly at my sleeping babe, not to coo at her loveliness but to offer a pack of tissues for the nappy explosion that was slowly spreading around her angelic head).

But still, despite all those moments, holidays are very firmly one of my very favourite things.


I have written before about our family road-trip plans for 2018. A journey to revisit our favourite memories and make new ones with our own children. Plans are still afoot, although the recent ‘Beast From the East’ put our early spring camping plans on hold awhile.

I’m tempted to head to France for some R&R in the Easter holidays. We are supremely lucky in having parents who live abroad, so for us a trip to stuff our bellies with crepes and steak-frites isn’t too costly, just the flights and then my lovely mum will launch into a ‘love with food’ frenzy for a few days, putting my soul at ease and my elasticated waistbands under one heck of a strain. The kids will delight in the most simple of pleasures, trying to hook a fish out of icy water, catch a duck on the river for lunch (it’s impossible, they have tried many times) and long lazy lunches.

Fancy Escaping the Snow?

If you have left it late to book a getaway, there are so many options available that mean you don’t have to break the budget.  Search around for last minute deals, jump on the Air BNB bandwagon or check the forecast for a mild few days and crack out that tent. Even one night away, listening to the waves crash against the shore or a cheap last-minute city break can be all you need to reset your soul and reconnect with your family.

So I’m off to check a cheap flight site, sweet talk my husband into the virtue of a few days rest and try not to let vivid memories of the poonami spoil my planning time.

Having a great holiday really is all about the memories you take home. Even the dreadful ones.


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    March 20, 2018

    Brilliant – made me laugh!!