This week I have had great fun playing around with a clever online service called LogoJoy. Logojoy guides you through the process of creating your own logo, and, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t fiddle around with designs for hours, makes quick design decisions and knows exactly what they like at first sight, you could have a logo ready to send to the printers in minutes.

If, on the other hand, you are the kind of person who spends hours tinkering, then, for the most part, the service has the flexibility to allow you to play around with the design until you have something you are really happy with.

Not the ‘creative’ type?

For those who are not particularly creative, it takes all the stress out of the design process. There is no need to brief a designer or to invest in a design programme with a huge range of fonts.You don’t need any design know-how and there is no new software to get your head around. Great!

So how does it work?

Logojoy leads you through a series of stages, gradually narrowing down your design preferences until you have a series of ‘favourites’.

To get the creative juices flowing, Logojoy shows you a range of pre-designed logos and asks you to select five or more logos that appeal to you.

logo design

Next you are asked to select a range of colour profiles that take your fancy. For those with no experience of colour theory when it comes to branding, Logojoy even has a clever little pop up against the various colour charts that tells you what the customer or reader associates with those colours e.g. elegance, reliability, intelligence (blacks and greys), nature, growth and harmony (greens).

logo design - colours

You do have the option to add in a up to five symbols for your logo from a searchable database. I chose to skip this step as they felt a little bit too ‘clip-art’ for me and didn’t really fit with my current branding but if you are starting from scratch, this option could be a godsend.

Artificial Intelligence

Using your preferences, (or artificial intelligence as it is known at Logojoy) and your company name and slogan, the service generates a range of custom logos.

As you can see from the screen-shot below, the range is diverse. If you keep scrolling you literally get hundreds to choose from. Some you may love, others you will probably hate. However, as you begin to click on the hearts to ‘favourite’ the ones you like best, Logojoy refines the designs you get to see until something comes along that talks your language.

logo generator

I played for ages until I found this ‘container’ for my text. For me it works perfectly with my ‘make – bake – create’ theme. You then have the option to customise the fonts, spacing and layout. If, like me, you have specific brand colours, you can enter them at this stage too. The only mildly frustrating aspect was the inability to adjust the line spacing between the brand name and the slogan. I got there in the end by adjusting the outer container size and font sizing but it wasn’t intuitive.

A cute little preview tool allows you to see what your logo would look like on various media including t-shirts, business cards and large media display boards.

There are no upfront fees, you don’t part with any hard earned money until you are happy with your design.

So, what does it cost and what do you get for your money?

For $20 you get a low-resolution logo. This may be sufficient as a web logo but if you want to use it for printed materials, it really isn’t going to cut the mustard.

The premium package is $65. For this relatively small amount you get a high-resolution logo in a variety of formats (eps, svg, png etc). You also get your logo, ready for immediate download, in the chosen colours, black and white and as a transparent png. file so that you can add it as an overlay on photos and other graphics. The package includes full copyright, lifetime phone support, brand guidelines and the ability to go back into the tool to make further changes.

Would I recommend the service?

Absolutely. For a relatively short amount of time and a reasonable fee, I have a logo ready to hit the printers. However, I’m saving this logo for a very exciting project I have up my sleeve. You’ll just have to watch this space

Fancy designing your own logo? Check out Logojoy!

N.B. The logo package used was supplied by Logojoy for review – all opinions provided are my own.