Favourite allergy friendly recipes

An allergy family

We are one of ‘those’ allergy families!

We are total foodies – we love eating out and we adore cooking at home. But we are not exactly the easiest family to cater for. Both my mum and I are coeliacs, my daughter is lactose intolerant and if I dare to offer my older children a tomato that’s not disguised in a sauce, they look at me as if I’m trying to poison them! We have a ton of allergy friendly recipes to share with you.

We are here to help make allergy eating fun, simple and delicious

This section of my blog will give you access to our firm family favourite recipes which will all be allergy friendly. We will also share our restaurant successes (and the odd abject failure) when it comes to eating out allergy-friendly!

Are you following a special diet? Gluten free, lactose intolerant, no egg, no wheat in your diet? You have come to the right place! Let us make your eating experience fun, simple and delicious. Most of our recipes are ‘kids in the kitchen’ friendly too. Some recipes are suitable for kids old enough to have a go on their own and others have plenty of jobs suitable for little hands!