House, home and business

Renovating and revamping

We don’t like to do things by halves in our family. We are about to revamp, dedecorate and renovate!

My husband works away and long hours. I run a business, three kids, a house and a blog. But just in case that, combined with the garden, chickens and a million other commitments we never say no to were not enough…we have decided to embark on a huge and ambitious renovation and build project to turn our already amazing home in the country into our perfect pad.

The Journey

Follow us on our journey as we revamp our garden plot and redecorate our kitchen in a fun vintage style. We are also planning the transformation and renovation of our old and dilapidated outbuildings/workshops into a place to work and build our business!

I have the vision, my husband has the brains (he’s a structural engineer so knows a thing or two about drawing up plans and making my crazy dream a reality!).

Exciting times.