Do you meet yourself coming back? You need to PLAN

I’m often asked how I do it all. I run my businesses, a local craft club,  juggle the social lives and every need of three busy kids and keep on top of the housework (most of the time…some of the time). We also have a completely nutty 4 month old Springer Spaniel puppy who is hell bent on destroying the joint and my husband works crazy hours. I do almost all my work from my studio or the kitchen table.

You just can’t get the staff these days

Sadly I don’t have an army of staff, no cleaner, no gardener, no cook and bottle washer! I don’t have family that live close by either.

What I do have is a brain that works like some kind of crazy filing system, a background in project management and reputation for being a bit of a taskmaster to work for. I have a (verging on the unhealthy) passion for list making and a near obsessive love of stationery. This and a sense of humour are what get me from A to B.


I also recently discovered a book that was life changing for me. THE ONE THING.
Amongst many other brilliant and 100% practical tips, this book gets you to focus on just ONE THING – simple right! Both in terms of long term goals and daily tasks you are encouraged to pinpoint the ‘ONE THING’ that you can do and in doing so would make everything else easier or unnecessary.

It is so simple yet absolute genius, particularly for someone like me who by nature is every marketeers dream – without a crystal clear focus I hop, magpie-like from one new idea to the next, one shiny new product to another.

So I apply this rule to my long term goals and my daily tasks. And this is where my ultimate favourite pastime comes into play…

Buying stationery.

Planners are my ultimate addiction and these planners from Old English Prints are my go-to favourite at the moment. They are stylish, pretty (check out the blush pink and rose gold) and fit in a handbag. As they are undated they are great for running multiple projects and can be used throughout the year.


I set tough goals for the month and then break it down into weekly, then daily tasks. Focus, and I mean REALLY FOCUS and you’re as good as done!. I switch off apps like Facebook and Insta during the day, often I even unplug the landline if I have a mega task to do.

I have even been known to line up cups of coffee and prep my lunch and put it in the fridge ahead of time so that nothing can get in my way and start me off on the downward spiral of general fannying around!

And yes, for keeping tabs on my overarching world-domination  plans I do use project management software, Airtable but for general getting shizz done you can’t beat pen and paper.

Fancing winning a set of planners?

In celebration of World Stationery Day (I now know I must not be alone in my addiction to all this pretty and papery!) you can enter here to WIN a set of these luscious planners!

*this post is a collaborative post in connection with Old English Prints