How to style your Christmas table – and a Christmas cocktail recipe with a twist!

How to style your Christmas table – and a Christmas cocktail recipe with a twist!

How to style your Christmas table

My friends and family know only too well that I’m a feeder  I LOVE to cook and feed people happy! As a result, from late November onwards my house is almost always full of people, hungry people, wondering what is cooking – looking for tips on what to try and invariably stopping for dinner! Most of the year, we have a ‘take us as you find us’ motto – if my house is a mess when you turn up then either look the other way or help tidy up! But at this time of year I go to town, I love my house to look beautiful, especially the dinner table. Want my key tips on how to style your Christmas table?

Find Inspiration

My Christmas table inspiration started early this year with an invitation to a fabulous lunch at The Violin Factory in London, courtesy of Amara Living. With an inspired menu by the lovely Anna Barnett and a floral display by McQueens – as far as ‘how to style your Christmas table’ inspiration goes it was hard to beat. Jewel tones and gold accents – lush flowers and stunning tableware. Bliss.

We also got to choose an item from Amara’s incredible range to take home and I knew right away what I wanted. I wanted a showstopper, a talking point (I already have more plates than I will ever use).

Start with a talking point and get creative

If your table setting includes a showstopper item, the rest of the table can be more pared back- this has the advantage of taking less time to put together and is often less expensive. A showstopper also enables you to be a little more inventive and put your own ‘twist’ on the Christmas table.

I chose a cake dome, a beautiful pearlised glass dome. I already knew that I wouldn’t be using it for cakes on my Christmas table though… Our sitting room proudly houses an antique birdcage with ceramic fish in it – a cake dome for cakes..? Later maybe!

I knew straight away that I wanted to fill my cake dome with some stunning glass baubles – glass within glass makes an incredible table setting, especially when lit by dozens of candles or tiny little glowing lights.

Pick a theme and carry it through the whole table

The baubles in the dome are slightly pear shaped and beautiful blush and gold tones. I sprayed real pears a beautiful rose metallic gold, leaving little flashes of the real pear peeking through (I used metallic paint sprays from Wilkos). Gilded pears (apples, pineapples, grapes and pomegranates look incredible sprayed too just don’t let the kids try and eat them!)


Clearly your theme doesn’t need to be gilded pears – although it is simple and cost effective. Pick a theme and run with it.

  • For a traditional look, gather seasonal foliage and spread it along the length of the table incorporating candles as you go.
  • Why not go all out retro and take advantage of the many incredible retro themed decorations in stores this year – think glittery donuts and sparkly flamingos!
  • Pick a single colour theme and use plates, napkins, serving dishes and platters in that shade. Mix and match or pick one knockout range of tableware – whatever floats your boat.
Place cards – make your guests feel special

I scattered my gilded pears generously throughout the table setting but they also make fabulous placeholders. Simply slice a little slit in the pear and insert a place card or try a little name flag. If you need inspiration for other place-card options – click here!


I’m a sucker for glassware – these old crystal glasses catch candlelight like a dream. Mixed-matched glasses look amazing – there really is no need to go for a dozen matching glasses unless that is your jam! If you use special glasses then you need something special to put in them.

A Christmas cocktail with a twist…

If you are sick of mince pie flavours and eggnog then why not offer your guests this incredible and special cocktail…it is easy to whip up, is nice and refreshing and looks amazing!

Damson, pear and prosecco cocktail

Damson gin, pear and prosecco cocktail

Sick of mince pie flavours and eggnog - you need this amazing cocktail! If adding the pear liquer makes it a bit too heavy on the alcohol for you then replace it with a good quality pear cordial.

Don't want the kids to feel left out - make theirs with pear cordial, lemonade and a quality blackcurrant cordial. It looks just as pretty x

Course: Drinks
Servings: 1 glass
  • 50 ml prosecco
  • 25 ml damson gin (we make our own but there are lots of brands on the market - mulberry gin also tastes amazing in this recipe)
  • 5 ml pear liquer or pear eau de vie (too heavy on the alcohol? swap out the liqueur for a good quality pear cordial)
  • strip of pear peel to garnish
  1. It couldn't be easier to make - no muddling, no prepping. Just mix the gin into the pear cordial and add chilled prosecco

  2. Garnish with as strip of peeled pear on a cocktail stick

  3. Drink responsibly (and enjoy!)

*this post is in collaboration with Amara Living – the glass dome item was gifted as was the inspiratonal lunch




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