Transforming our Kitchen – If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

When we moved into our lovely Victorian home five years ago, we moved into a home that had just been fully decorated. Not entirely to our taste but neat, clean and practical.

All our previous houses had been complete and utter doer-uppers, where everything needed gutting and revamping, bathrooms refitting, kitchens ripping out, 8 tonnes of dirt shifting from a waterlogged garden – you get the gist.

A not to our taste but neat and practical property was a luxury at the time, no work, no endless evenings doing DIY and falling asleep paintbrush in hand. We have worked hard on the garden and created an extra bedroom upstairs so we haven’t exactly been shirking but…five years on and suddenly someone elses rather suspect choice of paint colours has finally worn me down. The time has come to bust out the paint rollers and start to gradually ruin all my husband’s sweatshirts with paint splatters.

The Heart of Our Home

We practically live in our kitchen. It was what attracted us to the house in the first place. With room for a huge dining table and the added draw of a bricked up chimney that will eventually house an AGA, it is the perfect space for cooking, eating, entertaining friends and getting homework done.

Whoever chose to paint it a murky green clearly didn’t spend much happy time in here.

Three tins of paint and a scaffold board

Scaffold Board ShelvesWhen we were offered the opportunity to team up with Valspar Paint  to redecorate the space, I jumped at the chance. Selecting a bold mix of duck egg blue and butter yellow (everyone thought I had lost the plot until they saw the finished space) I donned the first of many oversized husband’s sweatshirts and set to work. It wasn’t until I started to cover the old green paint with the pretty duck egg colour that my kids told me how much they hated that ‘browny snot green’ (cheers for that kids –  you could have told me sooner).

The shelves which now showcase some of my favourite vintage finds are a single scaffold board cut in two and fixed on some cool brackets.

What about the blinds?

And the blinds, well they are a total triumph. Faced with not being able to find anything that matched the colour scheme or were remotely in budget, I dismantled the old blinds and replaced the fabric with Laura Ashley PVC table covering fabric – how awesome is that!!! Wipe clean blinds in the kitchen! I’m already working on a blog post to show you  how to do it!

Inviting Entertaining Space

What was a dreary dark space is now a bright entertaining space and somewhere that we all congregate. I now spend hours in here working on new recipes and even getting the kids to do homework is less of a chore.

The table happily seats twelve and is perfect for parties. I’m planning a big Mexican Party at the moment so that I can find an excuse to buy a proper Tortilla Press like this one World Of Flavours Mexican Tortilla Pressss and use up some of the many jars of Chipotle en Adobo sauce I made last week.