Renovating our Victorian Home

We’re slowly renovating our Victorian home to a ‘new’ glory. We have revamped the kitchen, keeping the original cupboards and layouts, preserving space for an AGA (a girl can dream) but mixing it up a bit with bold colours and modern twists.

Renovating Our Victorian HomeOur next challenge is the hallway. The ceilings are hugely high and lovely, the original archway needs emphasising and the stunning front door with leaded glass is here to stay.

That Beautiful Floor…

Unfortunately, somebody, somewhere along the line removed the original tiled floor that records show once glamorously graced the floor here and…(cover your ears) concreted over it! We have tried to retrieve what is left of it…but to no avail.

The ugly concrete is hidden by an equally ugly carpet. It has to go. The question is…what to replace it with?

What floor to lay in a Victorian Property?

In a dream world my husband wants to replace the floor with original tiles but sadly that is currently way out of budget right now. I don’t want another carpet either, we have three young kids and a deranged puppy who loves to dig. We need an alternative.

Renovating our Victorian Home

Wooden Flooring

My dad is a joiner by trade, he has suggested laying a tongue and groove floor. I’m tempted but it will butt up against the original parquet floor in the kitchen and unless we could source boards that matched brilliantly, somehow it doesn’t sit quite right…


I’m seriously tempted by a vinyl option, especially when the children and the puppy are young, trailing in muddy shoes, destroying anything in its wake (the puppy) and mucking about with bikes (the kids). This beautiful ‘French Weave‘ flooring from Amtico would work a treat, they even have tile effect options with pretty border tiles that might pacify my husband until funds allow for his historic renovation (he’s great at talking up a project…less so at actually finishing one!)

Any Alternative Suggestions?

What have you installed in your home? I’d love to know.

renovating our victorian home