That Tailwind Trick

Fancy a little Tailwind Trick to stop you saying ‘let’s just be friends’ to Tailwind???

For those of you who have been slogging away with Tailwind and finding it a bit of a brain-ache – I feel your pain. Find a pin, click on schedule, assign a board. Add to queue. There is no denying it works but ‘laborious’ doesn’t even cover it.

The Magic of the Chrome Extension Button

That was until I discovered the real point of the Tailwind Chrome Extension! Oh. My. Days. What a gamechanger.

I had only ever used the button to add one pin at a time…what a waste of this little button of genius! Did you know that with the Tailwind Chrome Extension you can batch upload dozens and dozens of pins to your queue in ONE GO? Neither did I. Turns out neither did dozens of my blogging friends.

So if this little post saves even one fellow blogger from losing their mind one night, I will feel that my work here is done!

How to use the Tailwind Chrome Extension button properly…


Tailwind Infographic

If you haven’t already discovered the pinterest magic that is Tailwind then why not follow this link and check it out!


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