Please Lord – someone send me Gin

“Whose bloody stupid idea was it to get a dog?”

“Who on God’s earth thought this was a brilliant idea, huh, huh?”

Nobody spoke. Nobody was brave enough at that precise moment in time to remind me that the person with the bright idea was indeed me!

My husband scuttled sideways to the fridge…crablike…chinked glasses and poured the good stuff. A hefty Gin & Tonic was left on the side like a quietly fizzing peace offering. It didn’t quite cut it. I knew having a puppy would be hard work -some had likened it to having a toddler or newborn baby. Nobody told me it was like having a small furry criminal mastermind with ninja skills. She can run faster than Usain Bolt, Hulk is no match for her powers of destruction, and the more you treasure something, the more she wants to eat it. Luckily for her she was born with floppy spaniels ears, huge doe eyes and an annoyingly endearing way of sitting on my feet the second I stand still. ” It’s OK, It’s OK” I mutter to myself…I can do this…

But then it snowed…

I’m not good at snow. The kids rush out into it as if they have never ever seen the white stuff before. They tumble around in it in their pjs until they are frozen daft. The puppy looked out wistfully, jumped headlong into it, barked furiously at it then came inside. I know how she feels. For the first few hours I love the beauty and stillness of it, I gush at it’s purity and stare at the falling flakes.

By the time we have fallen over three times on the way to school, slipped in the grey slush and it has leaked into my new boots I’m SO over it.

Ice-cream shaped cookies and G&T

I snapped a few pretty pictures, came home, baked ice-cream shaped cookies and planned a Gin Cocktail recipe tasting night!

In denial…who me? I can’t help it, I NEED sunshine. So as I sit here in my chilly kitchen, supposedly working, I’m planning holidays, trips to the seaside, what to wear to the summer festivals – swiftly followed by worrying how the heck to get fit enough and thin enough to not stress about what to wear at the summer festivals!

My fitbit is firmly back on my wrist, I’m drinking water and cutting out as much crap as possible (to save room for the gin night calories). I’m also waiting for this dog to be fully vaccinated so that she can finally become my walking buddy so that we can march off some of these spare pounds.

Bring me sunshine somebody…please…and in the meantime…bring me gin (and a slimline tonic).